Police Department


250 Cypress Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437



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Additional Phone

Dispatch: 707-964-0200

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Please contact us with comments, questions or concerns by using the Contact Us Form. Please be advised, this is not for crime reporting, especially a crime in progress.To report a crime, please contact our Dispatch any time at 707-964-0200. Thank you!

Police Administration 

Name Title Email Phone
Lizarraga, Fabian Police Chief 707-961-2800, ext. 105
Desmond, Debbie Administrative Supervisor 707-961-2800, ext. 106
Bryant, Lesley Police Services Technician / Records Supervisor 707-961-2800, ext. 102

Police Sergeants 

Name Title Email Phone
Kendl, Andrew Sergeant 707-961-2800, ext. 121
Lee, Brandon Sergeant 707-961-2800, ext. 122
McLaughlin, Jonathan Sergeant 707-961-2800, ext. 123
O'Neal, Thomas Sergeant 707-961-2800, ext. 120
Rafanan, Wesley Sergeant (Acting) 707-961-2800, ext. 140

Police Officers 

Name Title Email Phone
Awad, Christopher Officer 707-961-2800, ext. 180
Ferris, Padraic Officer 707-961-2800, ext.126
Lopez, Oscar Officer 707-961-2800, ext. 120
Shaw, Joseph Officer 707-961-2800, ext. 181
Sisco, Kimberly Officer 707-961-2800, ext. 157
Smith, Tanner Officer 707-961-2800, ext. 169
Wilder, Angie Officer 707-961-2800, ext. 166
Welter, Anthony Officer 707-961-2800, ext. 168
Zavala, Refugio Officer 707-961-2800, ext.189

Community Services Officers 

Name Title Email Phone
Holaway, Katelynn Community Service Officer 707-961-2800, ext. 127
Jimenez, Jacqueline Community Service Officer 707-961-2800, ext.128
McHugh, Colin Community Service Officer 707-961-2800, ext. 167

Parking Enforcement 

Name Title Email Phone
Thornton, Valerie Parking Enforcement Officer 707-961-2800