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Community Event Signboard User Application

  1. Community Event Signboard User Application

  2. Sign

  3. Banner

  4. Terms and Conditions

    • All signs and banners will be subject to approval for placement.
    • No political election signs are allowed, nor are any political statement signs.
    • No business or for profit signs are allowed.
    • Only event signs that advertise an event that benefits the City of Fort Bragg directly or indirectly will be allowed.
    • Only non-profit community group signs will be allowed, if space is available. A non-profit community group shall be defined as a service club, church, or fraternal organization may apply for a permanent placement of their placard.
    • Signs advertising community events will be allowed to be placed 3 weeks prior to the event, and will be removed the first Friday after the event.
    • Signs and banners, once approved, should be taken to 31301 Cedar Street c/o Public Works 961-2836. Public Works personnel will place and remove all signs and banners. Any necessary sign or banner fasteners will be the sign owner's responsibility. All signs and banners must be picked up within 5 days of removal from the Signboard, otherwise they will be disposed of.
    • Signs will be put up and taken down on Fridays only: no exceptions for late delivery of signs to the Corporation Yard.
    • The Signboard is locked at all times.

  5. Please sign and return form for approval to:
    • Brenda Jourdain
    • City Hall
    • 416 N. Franklin St.
    • Fort Bragg, CA 95437
    • Ph: 707-961-2823, ext: 101

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