What business assistance is available?

Fort Bragg encourages new businesses and provides entrepreneurs and developers with assistance via the web, over the phone 707-961-2827, and in person at the City’s Community Development Department, located in City Hall.

Please also visit our Funding and Banking page to find out about financial resources for your business. Visit our

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1. What business assistance is available?
2. Can I get a sign for my business?
3. Can I start a business at this location?
4. I want to sell goods or services at an event in the city.
5. Do I need a fire inspection for my business?
6. I want to locate my business or new development project in Fort Bragg. Who should I call?
7. Where can I get the forms necessary to open and operate my business in Fort Bragg?
8. What other organizations assist businesses?
9. What business incentives are available?