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Town Hall

City of Fort Bragg

Rules, Regulations, and Rental Rates for Use of City Facilities

Town Hall Use Fees

Fee Description Fee
Basic Use Fee (each 12 hours) $125
Non-Profit Use Fee (each 12 hours) $60
Additional Use Beyond Basic 12 Hours $10
Security / Cleaning & Key Deposit (to be paid in advance - all facilities) $200
Deposit for Alcohol Use (to be paid in advance  -all facilities) $500
AV Equipment Use & Setup Fee (hourly) Min. 2 hours, $43 hourly charge thereafter
 AV Tech after hour charge (hourly) $178
Custodian Charge (during normal hours of work) $62 / Hour
Custodian Charge (overtime rate) $186 / Hour

I-General Policy    
  • The City Facility shall be used primarily to serve the recreational, cultural and civic activities and programs of the citizens of Fort Bragg.
  • The City Facility may be used by groups and / or organizations when not in use by the City.
  • Use of the City Facility shall be determined in accordance with the following listed priority use classifications:
           1. First priority shall be granted to City-sponsored or co-sponsored programs scheduled on a
     recurring basis.
   2. Priority shall then be granted upon first receipt of application and deposit. 

  • Reservation for use of facilities may be made by contacting Fort Bragg City Hall, 416 North Franklin Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437. Telephone: 707-961-2823. A "City Facility Use Application Form" obtainable from the Administration Department must be filed by the applicant (complete with fees and insurance) and approved by the City Manager / Designee at least one week prior to the planned event..

II-Conditions of Use

  • Any individual, group or organization granted use of the City facilities shall abide by all rules, regulations and conditions of the use set forth by the City of Fort Bragg.
  • Youth group reservations must be completed by an adult sponsor. For every 20 minors using the facility, one adult chaperon will be present and names of such chaperons shall be furnished to the City not less than 48 hours prior to use of the facility.
  • Individuals or groups shall be held responsible for any loss or damage to the property occurring during their use.
  • Reservations for use of City Facilities may be made up to one (1) year in advance providing a security cleaning deposit, set by resolution of the City Council, has been made with the City. The security cleaning deposit will be refunded upon cancellation, up to ten (10) days prior to scheduled use, except where the facility has been reserved more than six (6) months in advance. In that event, the security cleaning deposit will only be refunded upon cancellation up to 90 days prior to scheduled use.
  • Organizations may wish to clean the Facility and receive all or a portion of their cleaning deposit back. The applicant for use of the Facility will be required to have a "walk through" inspection with a City representative prior to refund of the cleaning deposit. 
   1. If applicant chooses not to clean the Facility, a City employee will be assigned to do the work and an hourly fee charged for actual hours required for cleaning. The actual hourly cost for staff to clean the facility will be deducted from the security cleaning deposit.
   2. When deemed necessary by the City that a staff member be present at any function, an additional fee, determined by resolution of the City Council, will be added to the regular use fees.

  • Not for profit programs and events may be scheduled on a recurring basis, but the City reserves the right to preempt any scheduled event with reasonable notice in order to make the facility available to a broad range of community groups.
  • Plans for decorations must be submitted at the time of application and approved. Decorations must be removed before the group leaves the building.
           1. Cellophane adhesives, nails, screws, staples, etc., in walls, woodwork, or on windows
     is prohibited.
           2. All decorations must be fireproof or of fire retardant materials.
           3. At no times shall exits be covered or obstructed.
           4. The City cannot provide supplies of any kind to groups using the facilities.
   5. There will be two hours free set-up time for groups wishing to decorate, etc.
     Anything over that, the party will be charged full fee.

  • If an admission fee is collected at Town Hall, an additional per capita admission fee surcharge shall be collected and remitted to the City.
  • The City of Fort Bragg, its employees, officers and volunteers are not responsible for and shall be held harmless and fully indemnified by the user for any claims arising out of accidents, personal injury, damage to or loss of personal property, or wrongful death that occur during or result partially or entirely from use of City facilities.
                    1. The indemnification provided by this paragraph shall cover all acts whether negligent, grossly negligent or intentional.
        2. The City shall be allowed to select legal counsel and be reimbursed for legal costs for any matter covered by this paragraph.
        3. Proof of liability insurance on City approved forms naming the City of Fort Bragg as Additional Insured must be submitted to the City prior to the commencement of any function.
        4. Applicant shall provide limits not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage.
        5. In the event liquor is to be served or sold, the insurance certificate shall include evidence of liquor liability.
        6. Special event liability insurance may be purchased for those groups who need to obtain insurance.

  • In consideration of residents in the area, persons using the facility should refrain from loud or boisterous conduct when leaving the premises.
  • Any exception to the use listed above is to be referred to the City Manager / Designee.
  • Under no circumstances will City equipment be removed from the facility.
  • The maximum occupancy of the Town Hall building is 113 (dinner) or 226 (standing, sitting, dancing) . These occupancy maximums shall not be exceeded.
  • No smoking is allowed at any time within the building.
  • No for-profit business activity shall be allowed to use the building for more than three days in any 30-day period.
  • Groups may not contract for the facility beyond midnight. The facility closes at midnight.
  • The user understands that it is responsible to comply with all of the rules, regulations and policies set forth herein. The City is not required to have any staff available to monitor the event and the compliance with these requirements.

III-Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in City Facilities only in accordance with the following procedure:
  • Intent to serve or sell alcoholic beverages must be noted on the use application form and a City Facility Alcohol Use Application must also be completed and approved by the City Manager / Designee.
  • If an individual or group is going to sell alcoholic beverages at any activity, the applicant must obtain written permission from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and submit a copy of the permit along with the use application.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be permitted to be taken from the building; all alcoholic beverages must be consumed on the premises.
  • There shall be no "open bar" permitted. An "open bar" is defined as a bar where alcohol is served without a charge for each drink. Beer and wine may be served in conjunction with a dinner event. Wine and beer tasting events may be conducted.
  • No alcohol shall be served, furnished or given in any way to any minor; doing so may result in civil or criminal prosecution, including damages for injuries the minors cause. The indemnification provided by paragraph II-I above includes claims arising out of such alcohol use by minors.
  • No alcohol shall be served to any person who is obviously drunk or who is known to be habitually drunk; doing so may result in criminal prosecution.

IV-Schedule of Use Fees

  • Fees for use of the City Facilities shall be set by resolution of the Fort Bragg City Council.
  • Any Commission or Board appointed by the City Council may use City Facilities without fee when holding a function for the immediate purposes of the Commission or Board.
  • There shall be no fee for City-sponsored business meetings, conferences or employee meetings.
  • Groups leaving the facilities early, either by choice or on request, must still pay full fees as stated in contract.

V-Cancellation of Permit

The City shall have the authority to cancel and / or terminate any permit and require immediate vacation of the City facility upon finding:
  • That the applicant misrepresented or misstated any fact in his or her application.
  • That the activity or a significant part thereof is contrary to State or local laws, or rules and regulations governing the use of the facility, public peace or public safety.
  • That the maximum occupancy load is exceeded.
  • That the event is creating a nuisance or use of the facility is causing or threatens to cause physical damage to the facility itself.

Town Hall
General Information


363 North Main Street, Fort Bragg, CA. 95437

To Unlock Doors

  • Turn key to the LEFT until the door unlatches.
  • In order to secure the door so that it stays open, hold the crash bar down and with the key in the 12 o'clock position turn RIGHT to the 1 o'clock position. This will hold the crash bar down in the unlocked position.

To Lock the Doors

  • Make sure the door is closed.
  • Turn the key to the LEFT until the door latches.


  • Overhead lights:
           1. One switch is located north of the Main Street door in the alcove.
   2. The other switch is located on the West wall, just right of the wall
     sconces switches.
  • Wall Sconces:
           1. Two switches are located on the West wall by the overhead light switch.


Return the key to City Hall, 416 North Franklin Street, (Northeast corner of Laurel and Franklin Street) in the envelope provided. The key can be dropped in the payment drop box in the alley behind City Hall, or on the right side of the front door at City Hall during non-business hours.

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