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Fort Bragg Skate Park


Skate Park site location map

Skate Park mitigated negative declaration

Skate Park Federal Environmental Assessment

Skate Park staff report photos - 09 23 2009

Skate Park site plan - 09 23 2009

Skate Park staff report - 09 23 2009

11 05 2010 - Skate Park Grand Opening

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Official Opening

Construction of the new Fort Bragg Skate Park is complete, and the park officially opened on Saturday, November 20, 2010. 

Gratitude for Businesses & Agencies

A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Campbell Timberland Management for their generous donation, as well as to Baxman Gravel, Fort Bragg Electric, Akeff Construction, and Mendocino Solid Waste Management Authority to name just a few of the local businesses and agencies that donated time and/or materials to this project.

Skate Park Grant

The City was informed last Friday that it has been awarded a $155,000 grant from the Stewardship Council to complete Phase II of the Fort Bragg Skate Park. Phase II will feature the "bowl" in the center of the facility, an expanded viewing area, more ledges and banks, a paved entry, benches, and a drinking fountain.

About the Stewardship Council Program

The Stewardship Council grant program focuses on improving community parks and open space to make them more accessible, viable and safe for children and youth.
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