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Candidate Statement

Having been raised here on the coast, I have a dynamic view of our local history, strengths and challenges. I hold a long-term commitment to our town's future, through both my young children and businesses. I'm excited to work with city government, the Fort Bragg Police Department, and the citizens of our city to continue progress toward a thriving economy and high quality of life for all of our residents. I respectfully  ask for your vote on November 6, 2018.

I am a local business owner, mother and textile designer. Since purchasing the Golden West Saloon with my partners in 2015, I have also managed the low income residential units upstairs, opened the Fort Bragg General Store, started a design collective with other local artists/designers and continued to support my family by working remotely as a textile designer in the women's fashion industry. I am  deeply invested in this city. Working with my business partners, I'm involved in committee leadership every day and am accustomed to wearing MANY different hats. I bring to the table experienced critical problem solving, the skill to translate talk into action, and the ability to focus on many parts without losing the whole.

In working to revitalize the Golden West Saloon and building, our goal has been to add value without sacrificing soul. I strongly believe that our city merits the same approach. By continuing to repair our buildings and foster our community, we can leverage the historic beauty that already lines our streets. With citizen input, I will collaborate with our agencies to continue to enhance efforts to streamline the permitting process for renovation projects and new business.

As manager of the Golden West's low income residential units, I have navigated key issues around housing for the homeless and low income sector of our community. I recognize that the city's housing shortage is a complex issue that I will approach with dedication, compassion and realism.

I value quality of life, a crime-free and safe community, adequate housing, clean energy, innovative infrastructure solutions, well-paying jobs and careful economic development pursued through collaboration, respect, and strategic planning.

This is an exciting time of transition for the city of Fort Bragg. As your representative I look forward to hearing the needs of our citizens and finding creative solutions to meet them. I will represent you, the citizens of Fort Bragg, competently, honestly and with transparency. Thank you for your consideration.

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Personal History

I was raised here on the coast and returned in 2015 with my husband Mikael, who was born in Fort Bragg, to raise our children. 

Upon our return we purchased the Golden West Saloon with partners and have spent the last three years working to revitalize the building and business. We also recently opened The Fort Bragg General Store as well as starting a collaborative design space 'The Blue Collective' with other local designers/artists. 

I am a textile designer by trade and continue to support my family in large part with remote work in the women's fashion industry. I studied fine art at UCSC and Academia Di Belle Arti in Bologna, Italy. I also studied visual communications at FIDM in Los Angeles where my husband and I lived for 10 years and our first child was born.

I have two children, Caspar 6yrs and Magnolia 1.5yrs. They're both creative, bold, hilarious little people who keep me on my toes and laughing more than crying. It's incredible to raise my children in this community and they compel me to invest in and safeguard the future of our town. 

This is such an exciting time for Fort Bragg. Between the mill site, new infrastructure and a changing global job arena, we have the opportunity to effect and guide our city's growth. It would be my honor to serve on the Fort Bragg City Council.

Contact Information

Jessica Morsell-Haye
360 N. Whipple Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
323.559.6399 (c)

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