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Bobby Burns


Candidate Statement

Vote for Bobby Burns, City Council for a change. I will beat my heart out to do the right things. 
1. Upgrade for a better hospital. 
2. Work to make schools safer and better.  
3. Work to beef up law enforcement. 
4. Let new business come in to generate more city tax. 
5. More jobs to Fort Bragg. 
6. Clean up the streets. 
7. More housing.

Ballot Designation

Handyman / Appliance Repair

Interview with the Candidate

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Personal History

I was born here in 1951 and raised in Fort Bragg. I went through High School here. I’ve run a few businesses in Fort Bragg including an antique and second hand store. I’ve worked for the Fort Bragg schools. I worked down at Noyo in a fishery. I now have a handyman/appliance repair business. I have a lot of history of Fort Bragg from way back when I was a kid. I have a wife, a daughter and a brother who all live in Fort Bragg. My grandparents came from Italy and my grandfather worked in the woods at Glen Blair for eighteen cents an hour sawing big trees with a two-man saw. I have a lot of old time Fort Bragg stories to tell.

Contact Information
Bobby Burns
535 E. Oak Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
707.962.3097 (h)
707.357.7895 (c) 

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