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My name is Dana Jess and Fort Bragg has been my community for 23 years. My first job here was a floor cleaner at the local Safeway. I worked for Louisiana Pacific as a lumber grader. I did odd jobs for local Roofers and Building Contractors. All of this work led me to my current profession as a CA Licensed General Contractor, Roofing Contractor and owner of a small business, Jess Construction. I am now the "boss" and employ eight full time employees.

I met my wife here and we were married in Fort Bragg in 2006. We raised my two step children here and are currently raising our 6-year-old son. The major life changes that include starting a business, buying a home and raising a family have changed the way I think about Fort Bragg. Our community is important to me, it is my family home and I want to see positive change in our town. It is my goal to bring people together to work to improve our community.

My approach and outlook is that of a "local," a regular guy who pays taxes, runs a business and is raising a family. I am eager to investigate the issues that affect our beautiful area and to be a part of the City Council's decision making that will bring about positive change.

If I am elected to the Fort Bragg City Council I promise to listen to all citizens and hear both sides of the issues. I will be diligent in uncovering the facts and be upfront with the information I am given. My vote will always be for the betterment of our town. I support cultural diversity and equal opportunities for all community members. Honesty and fairness are important to me.

It will be an honor to serve on the City Council.  My priorities are safety, growth and a community we are all proud to work and raise our families in. I have been involved in local decision making as a registered voter in the past. I am now ready to step up and participate in the tough decision making that impacts the local laws and regulations in the City of Fort Bragg. I look forward to learning more about our city government as a council member and pledge to make a positive difference for the community.

Thank you for your vote. 

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Personal History 

Dana Jess is currently owner of Jess Construction, a local building/roofing business. He started his interest in building as a carpenter after graduating from Greenville High (Plumas County) in 1993. He then attended Feather River College studying criminal justice and decided early on that it was not his passion. By 1994 he joined the Carpenters Union. He moved to Fort Bragg in 1995, working in several different fields, from being a lumber grader at the LP Mill site to being a building laborer, gaining the experience and skills needed to start his own successful business. He started his company as a one-man team, but within two years he was able to employ two full- time employees with his staff growing every year up to 10, last year. He credits his success to hard work, determination and his wife, of course. 

He lives with his wife, Dorothy and their son, Trevor in the heart of Fort Bragg. They decided to buy their first home near the schools and the CV Starr Center in 2013. They both wanted to be close to the schools as their son grows up and have the facilities of the Starr Center within walking distance. The small-town feel and close community relationships are what they have found in the area where they live. Dana and his family enjoy living in Fort Bragg for hiking, fishing, camping and just taking in the beauty of our coast.  

Dana was born in Eureka, California in 1974. He grew up in different areas in California until he was 11, going into foster care where his foster family, Van and Kay Probst, raised him in Greenville, California. His family taught him hard work and respect for his surroundings, having him help on ranches hauling hay, cleaning pens and chopping firewood, building a strong work ethic and helping the neighbors. 

He would go on long hikes into the mountain with his foster father who was a wildlife photographer taking pictures of bears, mountain lions and bobcats. He learned about the wilderness and the importance of how our actions impact everything around us.

He is excited to have this opportunity to be able to step up and make informed community-based decisions and listen to both sides of the issues. He believes many areas need to be improved within the City from safety in our communities to housing and job development. Dana feels the key for the solutions will be the importance between open communication and idea sharing between the citizens, Council and other agencies. 
Dana states that with upcoming changes in the near future, there will be major infrastructure planning with the building and water planning development. He looks forward to utilizing his skill set for the future growth of the City of Fort Bragg. He will be a benefit for the Council and the community. 

Dana Jess humbly requests your vote.

Contact Information

Dana Jess
208 Park Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
707.961.0620 (w)
707.357.4887 (c)


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