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Dec 07

Honoring the Outgoing Councilmembers; Welcoming the Incoming

Posted on December 7, 2018 at 3:13 PM by June Lemos

On December 10, 2018, we will say goodbye to Councilmembers Dave Turner and Michael Cimolino and welcome new Councilmembers Tess Albin-Smith and Jessica Morsell-Haye.  Current Mayor Lindy Peters won reelection and will remain on the City Council for another four years.  One of the obvious changes that has gotten quite a bit of attention, is that two women will replace two men on the City Council. Having spent the spring and summer discussing district election systems and preferred candidates, it is nice to see a more diverse City Council.

All that said, I want to voice my gratitude to the current City Council.  These are the five men who hired me and have supported me over the last nine months.  Each of these gentlemen works hard (both at their normal jobs and the City), cares deeply about their community and have given a lot.  They are paid little - $300 per month and an additional $100 per month when Fort Bragg Municipal Improvement District No. 1 business is transacted, plus health insurance.   The Agenda Packet for a single City Council meeting can exceed 450 pages, which means Councilmembers spend a good portion of every other weekend preparing for the Monday night meeting.  Additionally, each Councilmember is assigned to committees, appointments and other official duties.  

In particular, both Councilmembers Turner and Cimolino deserve special recognition for their service.  Dave Turner has served the City for eighteen (18) years.  Two (2) as a Planning Commissioner and sixteen (16) as a City Councilmember.  I am new to the City but can see the work (the Coastal Trail, Dry Sheds, Noyo Center, Summers Lane Reservoir and Sister City program just to start) that has been accomplished with Dave serving on the Council and with his leadership as Mayor.  Thanks Dave!  Michael Cimolino worked for the City for eighteen (18) years, then served as City Councilmember for four (4).  Q-Ball knows where everything is, why it is there and who to call if you need it fixed.  After he leaves town, I am not sure who we will call in an emergency (actually we will still call him).  Thank you Q.

At Town Hall on December 10th at 5:30 p.m., the City will have a reception thanking Dave Turner and Michael Cimolino for their service and welcoming Tess Albin-Smith and Jessica Morsell-Haye to the City Council.  Please join us for light refreshments.  Following the reception, during the regularly scheduled City Council meeting, the new Councilmembers will be sworn in and the City Councilmembers themselves will select a Mayor.

Councilmembers Will Lee, Jessica Morsell-Haye, Tess Albin-Smith, and Lindy Peters (not pictured, Bernie Norvell) at the Holiday Lights Parade