Operating Budget Policy

a. The City Council/MID Board should adopt a balanced budget by June 30th of each year. The base operating budget will be developed by realistically projecting revenues and expenditures for the current and forthcoming fiscal year. During the annual budget development process, the existing base budget will be thoroughly examined to assure cost-effectiveness of the services or programs provided. The annual operating budget will include the cost of operations of new capital projects. The City‘s operating budget will be prepared on a basis consistent with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) except that encumbrances are considered budgetary expenditures in the year of the commitment to purchase and expenditures for multi-year capital projects are budgeted in their entirety in the year construction commences. The remaining expenditures are carried forward in subsequent years. 


b. The City will avoid balancing the current budget at the expense of future budgets unless the use of unassigned fund balance and/or reserves is expressly authorized by the City Council. 


c. The City will develop and maintain financial management programs to assure its long-term ability to pay the costs necessary to provide the services required by its citizens.