Asset Forfeiture Expenditure Policy

a. Asset Forfeiture Discretionary Funds 

Expenditures under $5,000 may be decided by the Police Chief. 

Expenditures of between $5,000 and $10,000 require the approval of the City Manager. Expenditures over $10,000 require the approval of the City Council, and the Asset Forfeiture budget will be amended at the time of approval. 

Staff reports to the City Council will be provided on significant Asset Forfeiture expenditures identified by the City Manager. 


b. Asset Forfeiture Education Funds 

Expenditures must meet the mandated education and prevention guidelines. 


c. Year-End Reporting 

Prior to the close-out of each fiscal year, a report listing all Asset Forfeiture Discretionary and Education Fund expenditures will be brought forward to the Finance & Administration Committee for review.