Local Business Assistance During COVID-19


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of California and Mendocino County have modified their Shelter-in-Place Orders to allow for limited reopening under “Stage 3,” effective June 12, 2020.

BEFORE businesses can reopen they must comply with State and County of Mendocino guidelines and submit a self-certification to the County of Mendocino. High risk sectors must write and upload their plan to this portal. The County recommends businesses review this site on a regular basis for updates to industry best practices.

Follow the simple steps below to achieve compliance:

  1. Review the required Mendocino County Safe Operations Business Checklist
  2. Select your industry sector
  3. High risk sectors must write and upload their plan to this portal
  4. Moderate risk sectors can review recommendations and create their plan to have on-site
  5. Complete the Self-Certification (Business License required)
  6. Download your Certificate of Compliance to post at your business

Visit Fort Bragg Facebook and Instagram sites would like to showcase your business. Please complete attached Social Media Post form and email back to us.

Also, remember that all businesses open to the public, MUST have a “Social Distancing Protocol” posted at all entrances. Please click here for examples and recommendations.

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