Local Business Assistance During COVID-19


The statewide 4-stage Resilience Roadmap is unfolding and Mendocino County is expanding into Stage-2.5, as lower-risk workplaces are allowed to reopen. This includes all destination retail for limited in-person shopping and dine-in restaurants.  All business are required to “Self Certify” in order to operate. Essential businesses that never closed have 7-days, or until May 27th to complete certification. Stage-2.5 businesses allowed to reopen must complete the certification before they open. Don’t fret! You all have been considering your business reopening plans and self-certification is a simple and straight-forward task. It will take you 5 minutes online.

Visit MendocinoCountyBusiness.org website and follow four simple steps to understand what you need to do and to achieve compliance. 

As a reminder, businesses NOT permitted to operate in Mendocino County at this time are:

•             Personal services: hair and nail salons, tattoo parlors, gyms and fitness studios

•             Wellness services: non-medical massage, chiropractic

•             Bars, winery tasting rooms, lounges, nightclubs

•             Entertainment venues: movie theaters, gaming, gambling, arcades, live audience sports, indoor museums and gallery spaces, concert venues, convention centers, festivals, theme parks

•             Hotels/lodging for tourism

Visit Fort Bragg Facebook and Instagram sites would like to showcase your business. Please complete attached Social Media Post form and email back to us.

Also, remember that all businesses open to the public, MUST have a “Social Distancing Protocol” posted at all entrances. Please click here for examples and recommendations.

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