Maple Street Storm Drain and Alley Rehabilitation Project

Maple Street Project Area Map

​​​In 2004, the City contracted with KASL Consulting Engineers to prepare a Storm Drain Master Plan (SDMP).  According to the study, the Maple Street project area was identified as a medium priority project for hydraulic deficiency and  was an area undersized for the 10-year design flow and/or backwatered pipes which are causing or have the potential to cause flooding problems. The stormwater system traversing Maple Street has further degraded and no longer has adequate hydraulic capacity which has resulted in flooding problems that are physically degrading the pavement conditions creating a traffic and safety hazard as when a large sinkhole appeared on Maple Street just east of the Harold Street intersection in 2016. The existing drainage situation has caused irreversible damage to the pavement and is only worsening. Based on current City priorites and the analysis of existing conditions, the Maple Street drainage rehabilitation project had risen to a high priority project and is currently in the project design phase. 

​​​The City relies primarily on its Alley Master Plan (AMP) prepared by KASL Consulting Engineers in 2011 to set priorities for which alleys should be rehabilitated. This plan inventoried and evaluated the conditions of City alleys and prioritized them for improvement opportunities using several different metrics including greatest need for surface conditioning, funding, safety, drainage, and consistency with other Master Plans. In addition, maintenance problems and public attention were considered by staff as alleys has been addressed. During the October 24, 2019 City Council Meeting, the Council authorized the following alleys be included in this project as per staffs recommendations.
​​​1. Alley S300G;  located between S Harrison St. and S. Whipple St. from Maple to Hazel.
​​2. Alley N102G;  located between N Harrison St. and N. Whipple St. from Alder to Oak.
​​3. Alley S600E;  located between S Franklin St. and the GP Haul Rd. from Walnut to Cypress.​
​4. Alley S100H;  located between S Whipple St. and S Corry St. and Oak and Madrone.​​​​​​

​As proposed by City Staff, reviewed by the Public Works and Facilities Committee and approved by the City Council, the 2020 Maple Street Storm Drain and Alley Rehabilitation Project will rehabilitate 1,110 linear fee of storm drain and over 6,800 square yards of City Street and Alley asphalt pavement. The project also includes the installation of three additional storm drain inlets, significant repairs to restore the curb and gutter along Maple Street, the installation of several new standardized ADA curb ramps, concrete cross gutter transitions from alleys to streets, pavement improvements to Maple Street and the selected alleys. Over 50 parcels (residential and commercial) will directly benefit from this projects implementation. Rear parcel access to all of these locations will be safer and more convenient. Drainage problems will be resolved. The proposed segment of Maple Street serves nearby Redwood Elementary as well as the CV Starr Center so the addition of the standardized intersection transitions and sidewalk improvements will also increase the safety of an important pedestrian route to school and recreational facilities. Additionally, this project will incorporate the coordination with telecommunications entities and the placement of broadband conduit the length of Maple Street.

PROJECT STATUS 2021- Underway 

Due to the unforeseen world wide COVID-19 pandemic, the projects construction was postponed to this year's 2021 spring season. 

We appreciate the area residents' patience who have been waiting patiently for this project to commence and recommend to all who wish to learn more about the project and receive regular updates in English and Spanish, to please subscribe to the Maple Street Storm Drain and Alley Rehabilitation Project Notification Portal of the City website at

Construction-Zone Sign 


Project Design: Awarded January 2020 to R.E.Y Engineering Inc., Folsom CA. Design completed.   

Request for Construction Proposals: Invitation to bid release date, February 18, 2021 

Request for Construction Management Proposals: Release date, February 18, 2021