City of Fort Bragg's Preapproved Accessory Dwelling Unit Program

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​Build an ADU! 

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) provide much needed housing units to our community.  And in an effort to facilitate the construction of ADUs, the City offers preapproved construction plans for a one-bedroom (720 SF) and a two-bedroom (960 SF) detached ADU. Designed as a craftsman bungalow, the plans feature a low-pitched, gabled roof with overhanging eaves and a front porch nestled under the roofline. Rooflines can be oriented east/west or north/south to optimize site layout and sun exposure for roof mount solar.

City staff is available to help navigate the ADU permitting process. Please stop by the Community Development Department or call 707-961-2827 x111 to be connected to a planner. 

The Process

Step 1:
Choose a plan set from the two preapproved designs.

Step 2:
Pay initial deposit of $500. These funds will be credited toward building permit fees.

Step 3:
Engineer will conduct a site visit to the property to confirm the placement of the structure on the proposed site.

Step 4: 
Select qualified professional to prepare California Title 24 Energy Calculations.

Step 5:
Select appropriate roof orientation and electric solar system. 

Step 6:
Submit the following to the City of Fort Bragg:
a) Building Permit Application
b) Storm Water Checklist
c) Two (2) copies of Title 24 Report
d) Two (2) copies of solar plans
e) Four (4) preapproved plan sets
- Three (3) sets printed 11" x 17"
     - One (1) set printed 18" x 24" or 24" x 36"
f) Building Permit Fees ($500 deposit will be credited toward fees).

Step 7:
Mendocino County Planning and Building Department will contact applicant to pay fees and collect permit. 

Informational Brochures

- Preapproved ADU Plans Brochure
- Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Brochure
Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) Brochure

ADU Regulations in Fort Bragg

- ILUDC 18.42.170 (Inland)
- CLUDC 17.42.170 (Coastal)
Housing Element