Mill Site Rezoning Process (2017)

The City Council is leading the effort to rezone the 320-acre Mill Site, located just west of downtown Fort Bragg. The rezoning process will include a comprehensive community involvement process and multiple opportunities for public involvement through open houses, workshops, surveys and City Council meetings.

The City held a serious of well attended workshops and undertook a community survey which was completed by over 950 people regarding community reuse of the site. Please follow the links below to learn about community priorities for site reuse.

Survey Report (PDF)

Workshop Report (PDF)

Site rezoning will include the development of detailed policies, design guidelines, and development standards for reuse of the site. The Planning Commission and City Council are currently engaged in a planning process to define the development policies and regulations for the reuse of the site. Each month the Planning Commission and the City Council provide direction to staff regrading different aspects of the site reuse. To date the City Council and the Planning Commission have provided direction on the following topics:

The Land Use Plan & PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Sustainability Presentation (PDF)

Open Space Presentation (PDF)
Some key thoughts to keep in mind as you become involved in this process:

  1. New development projects would be required to follow the zoning, policies, programs, and guidelines set forth by City Council and certified by the Coastal Commission as the site is located in the Coastal Zone.
  2. The rezoning of the Mill Site would allow and prohibit different uses in different area, but it does not make any specific project happen.
  3. The amount of actual development that occurs on the site will depend on development feasibility, market demand, interest rates, the cost of infrastructure and the zoning requirements.

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