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Californians have made great progress in recent years embracing wise water use as a daily habit however, our state's water future remains uncertain due to precipitation variability and a changing climate. It is more critical than ever that Californians adopt sustainability, embrace new approaches and technology, and work together to Save Our Water for a secure future.
The City's Water Sources


City staff closely monitors the Noyo River flow (Charted below) as well as the additional two of the City’s water sources: Waterfall Gulch and Newman Gulch. During the winter and spring, pumping of the Noyo River is used only to supplement the Waterfall Gulch and Newman Gulch sources. The two tributary sources generally provide a higher quality of raw water, and, are gravity-fed to the water treatment plant whereas water from the City’s Noyo River diversion must be pumped. As summer progresses and flows in the tributary streams diminish, the Noyo River diversion is used more frequently and in greater quantities.

During June and into early July 2020, flows in the Noyo River remained above drought year conditions, however, mid-July and into August, the flows dropped faster than any other summer on record, surpassing the 2015 and 1977 low flows. This pattern in flows caused a need for the City to declare a Water Emergency early September. Thanks to the quick action of the city residents and water customers following Water Emergency Water Conservation measures, as of November 30, 2020, the City of Fort Bragg is no longer under a Water Emergency, however we ask our residents and visitors to please SAVE and CONSERVE OUR WATER.

The City of Fort Bragg is committed to partnering with our residents on water saving technology and equipment to better utilize our water supply. 
Staff will continue to monitor water flow operations attentively, day-to-day, to prepare and implement future water emergencies as needed. 

We encourage all city residents and water customers to continue to conserve water. Visit the states Save Our Water webpage for additional conservation data, programs and available rebates by clicking on the Save our Water link below. Water conservation. It's for life.  

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Good to know information... : 

The City of Fort Bragg Water Department tracks water sources and water production on a daily basis. 

A water emergency is declared when the difference between water supply and water production (use) decreases below 10%. 

 "Recent" and "Historical" water supply data may be found by navigating the slides below.  

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Harvest Rain Water
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Daily Water Supply Data July 2020
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Historic Water Usage_Page_2
August 2020 Water Chart
Daily Water Supply Data July 2020
Noyo River Water Flow July-Aug Chart

City of Fort Braggs' Public Works Director,  John Smith, and Lead Water Operator, Heath Daniels, sit with Council Member Lindy Peters on Channel 3's local show "What's Goin' On", for a one-on-one regarding the City's water situation. 

Click on the video to watch now. 

Recorded August 28, 2020

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