City of Trails

On Thursday October 29th, 61 members of our community participated in the City of Trails workshop to prioritize potential trails in Fort Bragg for a Trail Feasibility Study which will analyze potential trails for regulatory issues, design and cost. City Staff and the consultant prepared a master map of 11 existing trails and 12 potential trails for further study. After reviewing the input from the drop-in workshop, City Council identified the following trail priorities for further study:

  • Proposed Trail B – A multi-use trail alignment connecting the Fort Bragg Coastal Trail to downtown Fort Bragg via Redwood and Alder Streets.
  • Proposed Trail E – A multi-use trail alignment connecting the Fort Bragg Coastal Trail to Noyo Harbor via the Dredge Sands parcel.
  • Proposed Trail H – Formalization of a Mountain biking route using the A&W Haul Road, provided permission can be negotiated with the land owner.
  • Proposed Trail F – A pedestrian trail traveling along the southern side of the Noyo River between Caito Fishery and the South side of the Noyo Bridge.
 Other trails which will be explored in the feasibility study include alignments A (Elm Street from Highway 1 to the Coastal Trail), C (West side of Main Street from Maple Street to the Hare Creek Bridge) and D (a linkage from Highway 1 on Cypress Street to the A&W Haul Road).
The Council also expressed very strong support for working with State Parks to get the old haul road paved from the Trestle Bridge to Cleone.

Staff was directed not to explore or discuss further any of the following trail alignments:

• G - Skunk Train trail alignment

• J - High school Multi-use Trail

• K - East Fort Bragg Recreational Loop.

Existing Trails and Potential Opportunities Map

In 2014 City Staff initiated the City Surrounded by a Trail feasibility study with a well-attended, though contentious, workshop that included many people in opposition to and others in support of the general concept. The divisive nature of the workshop led staff to return to the drawing board for the feasibility study. After further analysis, and hiring a consultant, the project has transitioned into a feasibility study of a network or web of trails (bicycle, pedestrian and multi-use) throughout the City rather than one single trail around the eastern edge of the City. Additionally, as the City has limited funds, a major goal of this feasibility study is to focus on the most important trail alignments that will meet the transportation and recreation needs of a majority of the people. The project has also been renamed “City of Trails Feasibility Study.”

The City would like to invite you to participate in a community workshop to inform this City of Trails Feasibility Study. The drop-in workshop, on Thursday October 29th from Noon to 5:30, will provide an opportunity for you to identify and prioritize potential bicycle, pedestrian and multi-use trail routes in and around Fort Bragg. You can stop by Town Hall anytime between 12:00 (noon) and 5:30 to vote on your preferred routes, talk to the consultant and provide your input. The results of this drop-in workshop will be summarized and presented to City Council for discussion and direction at 6:00 that same evening.

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