Ocean Literacy

Promoting Ocean Stewardship

There is a growing awareness that proper ocean stewardship will not be possible without a well-informed public. With the goal of increasing ocean and coastal literacy, the Noyo Center will seek to strengthen a connection between research and education. An innovative education program will serve the curious of all ages and abilities, with hands-on, project-based experiential learning at the core.

Academic Programs, Camps & Exhibits

Academic programs, summer camps and novel interpretive exhibits will celebrate the marine environment through art and science and also serve to illuminate the challenges facing our coastal. Research conducted at the Noyo Center will inform the public exhibits.

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Lectures & Tours

Lectures by visiting researchers will provide regular updates about coastal issues. Tours of the lab space will allow the public to discover how research is conducted and information collected. The Noyo Center itself will be an interpretive element, highlighting environmentally responsive design inside and out.