Modern Day Fort Bragg


The City of Fort Bragg is located approximately 165 miles north of San Francisco and 188 miles west of Sacramento on the scenic coast of Mendocino County. The City occupies 2.7 square miles. Census 2010 places Fort Bragg's population at 7,273. Although it is quite small, Fort Bragg is the largest city on the coast between San Francisco and Eureka. The largest employment categories in the City include services, wholesale and retail trade, local government, public education, health care, tourism, and fishing. The mild climate, picturesque coastline, historic downtown, fine dining, and plentiful outdoor recreational opportunities make Fort Bragg a popular tourist destination.


Fort Bragg is one of only four cities in Mendocino County and it is the service and retail hub for the entire Mendocino coast. Over the last two decades, Fort Bragg transitioned from an economy based on timber and fishing sectors to a tourism‐based economy. Fort Bragg has an excellent mix of bed & breakfast inns, hotels, and motels and numerous private and State Park campgrounds are located close by. To find out more about Fort Bragg's visitor accommodations and attractions, visit our tourism website.