Business Trends & Opportunities

North Coast Targets of Opportunity
A 2007 report called the North Coast’s Targets of Opportunity identified the region’s most promising areas for economic and workforce development. They include specific industry sectors, and focus on the highest growth sectors in terms of jobs, wages, and firms since 1990.

Six business opportunities were identified that demonstrated a combination of expanding opportunity, growth quality, improving competitiveness, and career potential:
  • Building Systems Construction and Maintenance
  • Diversified Health Care
  • Investment Support Services
  • Management and Innovation Services
  • Niche Manufacturing
  • Specialty Agriculture, Food and Beverages

See the full report at the Prosperity Network website, here.

North Coast Prosperity Network
The North Coast Prosperity Network's Prosperity! is the official economic development strategy of the North Coast Region of California, including Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Siskiyou, and Trinity Countries. The North Coast Prosperity Network Website provides a wealth of tips, resources, data, and trends information.

Center for Economic Development of CSU, Chico
The Center for Economic Development (CED) of California State University, Chico, offers applied research services and technical assistance to businesses and organizations. CED is located in Chico, California. Click here for CED contact information.