Information Technology

Businesses and residences which are located within the City of Fort Bragg can access the internet via high speed broadband. 

Outside of the city limits, however, broadband access is limited and some locations are only served by dial-up or satellite internet services.

Mendocino Coast Broadband Alliance
There is a small volunteer group called the Mendocino Coast Broadband Alliance (MCBA) that’s working to bring broadband access to all of the Mendocino Coast. They are allied with the Redwood Coast Connect project at Humboldt State University. MCBA’s purpose is to to achieve affordable, reliable, and ubiquitous high speed internet access at 10 mbps for the underserved residences and businesses on the Mendocino Coast.

Importance of Broadband
Hilarie Coate, MCBA member, explained why broadband access is important to businesses. “The face of business on the Coast is changing as some of our long time industries fade, like lumbering and fishing. Making a living looks different now for students as well as adults who want to have better jobs or new careers… Many adults look to improve their livelihoods with new degrees or certificates. Businesses want to train and retrain workers online. To do this in today’s world, and certainly in the future, computer technical skills and internet savvy are necessities. High speed internet access is a must.”