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Choosing Your Business Location
Real Estate Agency
If you're looking for a real estate agency to help you find a location, visit the Fort Bragg community directory listing of Realtors. This will show you local real estate agencies who can help you choose a prime location for your business.

Property Listings
If you're looking for property listings, review the Coastal Mendocino Association of Realtors’ listings of properties available in Fort Bragg. Looking for a vacant parcel? Check out the map of vacant or underutilized parcels.

Zoning Information
Some parts of Fort Bragg are in the Coastal Zone, which is generally located west of Highway 1 (Main Street), and south of Walnut Street, while the more north / east part of town is outside the Coastal Zone. This has made the City of Fort Bragg unique, in that it has 2 General Plans, and 2 Land Use and Development (zoning) Codes:
State law requires that properties in the Coastal Zone comply with the California Coastal Act. Be sure to contact the city’s Community Development Department at, 707-961-2827, or by email, for more information before you sign a lease or purchase a piece of property. City staff will also help you identify and understand if a potential property can meet your business needs given its zoning, and help you understand permitting, parking, signage, and other requirements.

Considering property outside city limits? Visit the Mendocino County Planning Department website, or contact them, at 707-964-5379.