Business Licenses & Permits

Businesses require a business license and must be compliant with city and county codes. Some businesses will also need permits. Mendocino County offers a Business Services Directory webpage that provides information and links to important permitting and licensing information. Visit the CalGold website for a general discussion of permits and licenses.  Visit the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) website to see a list of businesses that must be licensed by that agency.

Fort Bragg Business License

Companies or individuals that conduct business in Fort Bragg City limits must first obtain a business license. Your first step should be to decide if you’ll be doing business within city limits. If you will, you need to apply for a city business license.

You can check to see where to locate your business by consulting the Zoning Map. Also, contact a City Planner, at 707-961-2827, to verify where you can operate your business.

Complete the business license application, and bring it to the Finance Department at City Hall, 416 North Franklin Street. Your license will be issued after staff has researched zoning regulations and code requirements that apply to the type of business you’re starting.

Planning Permits

If you’re planning to remodel or add-on to your building, you should call a City Planner, at 707-961-2827, or stop in at the Community Development Department in City Hall to see if you need a planning permit (Use Permit, Design Review, Coastal Development Permit, etc.). You should do this before signing a lease, as changes in land use may trigger city fees. For instance, if you open a restaurant where there used to be a clothing store, capital fees may be required because of the intensification in land use.

Other Code Compliance Requirements

You should also contact these offices to make certain your business is in compliance with their code requirements:
  • The Fort Bragg Fire Protection Authority, 707-961-2830
  • The Mendocino County Building Department, 707-964-5379
  • The Mendocino County Health Department 707-964-4713 (for food-related businesses)

Business Changes that Require License Modifications

You need to download and complete the business license application form if you want to:
  • Transfer a business license to a new owner.
  • Move your business to a new location.
  • Change the type of business.