Business Advocate Program

Sometimes the best way to find out what you want to know is to ask someone who’s done it. That’s why the City of Fort Bragg has assembled a group of business people who’ve volunteered to respond when the city is asked for business assistance. So if you’re considering opening or relocating a new business in Fort Bragg, you’ll want to meet these helpful folks!
2 girls with an outdoor lemonade stand.
Business Advocates
Advocates are community leaders who volunteer to meet with people interested in relocating or starting a business in Fort Bragg. Advocates take entrepreneurs on a tour of Fort Bragg tailored to your business interests, and are available to provide insights and information about the city as a place to do business. 

The Grand Tour
Whether starting a retail, industrial, or service-oriented business, Advocates can show you around to the best spots for retail, commercial and industrial businesses. They’ll tailor the tour to your interests.  

Area Expertise
Ask an Advocate about Fort Bragg. Besides knowing about all the tourism attractions and regional events, Advocates have the inside skinny on the pulse of the local business climate, the region’s workforce, housing and real estate trends, retail sales trends, upcoming development projects, and more. Advocates can also refer you to public agencies and business organizations that will help you further with starting, expanding, or relocating a new business.

Advocates share information that people need to make crucial decisions about starting a business in Fort Bragg including:
  • Census data
  • Retail trends
  • Workforce demographics
Contact a Business Advocate
Contact the Business Assistance Specialist in the Community Development Department. They’ll put you in touch with an Advocate that specializes in your type of business.