Marine Pollution

The North Pacific Subtropical Gyre

For the past decade, Captain Moore and the ORV Algalita, have been researching the effects of marine plastic pollution in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Captain Moore is now recognized as a pioneer and accepted expert in this field of research.

Algalita Marine Research

Continuing Research

This event also gives AMRF the opportunity to thank the many who have supported them in the past. The research must continue. Without funding, the research comes to a halt, education and awareness dwindle and the "plastic toilet bowl" continues to build and wreak havoc with marine life, potentially entering the human food chain. We are doing more than passing a legacy or synthetic pollution to the next generation... we are living within our own legacy now. Join us in fighting this "tragedy to the commons..."

Synthetic Sea

"Synthetic Sea" shows how many marine birds and fish ingest plastic, because it mimics the food they eat. The program reveals scientific research, indicating how plastic pieces can attract and hold hydrophobic elements like PCB and DDT up to one million times background levels. As a result, floating plastic is like a poison pill. As a result, new research regarding endocrine disruptors in floating plastic debris is being planned by the Algalita Marine Research Foundation.. "Synthetic Sea" is a documentary based on scientific findings backed by published scientific papers.