Community Proclamation

We, the Community of Fort Bragg, Proclaim the Following:

  • We respect the life and dignity of each human being without discrimination or prejudice.
    • We renounce violence in any form. We support and work for tolerance and reject the notion that any one individual or group of people is better than any other.
  • We work for and promote a community that is safe for children, adolescents, and adults.
    • We believe in respect and compassion for others.
    • We follow the laws of this community, and those who enforce those laws.
    • We support our schools through involvement and mentorship, and ensure that our children and youth receive an excellent education and community support.
  • We defend freedom of expression and cultural diversity.
    • All are welcome here.
    • Fort Bragg is a racially diverse community with different languages, faiths, and cultures.
    • We celebrate what each person brings to our community.
  • We contribute to the needs of our community.
    • For those in need locally, we work together to ensure their well being.
    • We are but one part of a larger community, and in a spirit of generosity, we work to share our time and resources with others.
    • We volunteer our time and talent to children, youth, adults and seniors, helping all who live here to enjoy a quality of life.


  • City of Fort Bragg
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Fort Bragg Police Department
  • Fort Bragg Unified School District
  • Mendocino Coast Recreation and Park District
  • Mendocino County Juvenile Probation
  • Mendocino County Sheriffs Office
  • Mendocino County Youth Project
  • Project Sanctuary
  • Safe Passage Family Resource Center

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