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Monday night 06/10 at the City’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting, the City Council adopted the next year’s budget. The annual budget provides a comprehensive statement of the City’s organization, operations and resources. It is a work plan for the next year and reflects the Council’s goals and the resources available to achieve those priorities.

In a prior work session, the City Council established as its first and foremost priority, adoption of a balanced General Fund budget that did not rely on fund balances from prior years. While this sounds reasonable, this is only the second time in ten years (last year being the first) that the City has adopted a balanced General Fund budget. The General Fund budget projects a surplus of $65k for the next fiscal year. Moreover, the City is able to set aside operating reserves, a litigation reserve, capital projects reserves, and a new recession or rainy day reserve to safeguard the future financial stability of the City.

Total City revenues, which include the City’s water & wastewater utilities, the CV Starr Center and other special revenue funds add up to just over $36.4 million and total expenditures are projected at $34.3 million, including $12.9 million in capital improvement projects. A summary of the budget is available on the City’s website, as is the full 285-page version.

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  • View your bill and usage history, pay your bill, select payment options, sign up for AutoPay, eBills or bill reminders. 


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  • Save the stamp. If you prefer to pay the bill in person, three drop boxes are located by City hall. One in the alley behind City hall for easy drive-by access, one in the front of city hall and another inside finance department.

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  • Save the stamp. If you prefer to pay the bill in person, three drop boxes are located by City hall. One in the alley behind City hall for easy drive-by access, one in the front of city hall and another inside finance department.


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Mission Statement

The Finance Department is responsible for maintaining the financial integrity of the City of Fort Bragg by providing oversight of the City's fiscal management; maintaining accurate and timely fiscal records and reports; and providing advice to the City Council and City Manager regarding fiscal policies and transactions.

 Department Functions

The Finance Department coordinates and directs all fiscal operations of the City. This includes directing, monitoring and controlling all assets and financial operations and providing a framework for financial planning and analysis to support the operation and management of all City departments. The functions of the Finance Department include utility billing, business licensing, transient occupancy tax collections, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, purchase orders, financial reporting to federal state and other outside agencies, treasury and cash management, budget preparation, budgetary control, audit liaison and oversight of other fiscal activities of the City, Municipal Improvement District, and the Successor Agency to Fort Bragg Redevelopment Agency.


  • Business License Tax

    • The City of Fort Bragg requires all entities operating a business or providing a service within the city's limits to remit a tax to the city.
    • Business License Certificates are issued for revenue purposes only, and are not a reliable verification that a business is in compliance with various local, state, or federal laws or regulations.
  • Utility Services-Water, Wastewater (Sewer)

    • Finance prepares utility bills for water and waste-water (sewer) services for residents and businesses in Fort Bragg.
    • The department is able to answer questions concerning a customer's bill, accept payment for bills (checks, money orders, or cash), sign up new customers for service, offer advice for locating leaks, and take requests for Public Works personnel to investigate a faulty meter.
  • Billing

    • Water bills are mailed every month, on or around the 10th of the month.
    • Water bills become delinquent if not paid by third of the following month.

Hours of Operation

The Finance Department is open for business from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m, closed from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. daily. An after-hours payment box is located outside the City Hall front doors (to the right) and behind City Hall on the northeast corner of the alley at Laurel Street.