Study Background

Chestnut Street was studied by Fehr and Peers as one of the 4 focal roadways in the Residential Streets Safety Plan, and a conceptual plan for traffic calming and enhanced bike / pedestrian infrastructure was developed.

Reason for the Study

Because of Chestnut Streets level of use and importance in accessing neighborhoods, recreational facilities and schools, City Council directed staff to further develop the Chestnut Street conceptual plan from the Residential Streets Safety Plan. This was accomplished by obtaining additional community input, and investigating the feasibility of conceptual plan implementation. The additional effort was requested in order to obtain community input regarding the level of support for:

  • The potential elimination of on-street parking in order to facilitate enhanced pedestrian / bike infrastructure.
  • The feasibility of acquiring an additional 8 feet of right of way to allow for the retention of parking while accomplishing pedestrian and bicycle safety goals.

Plan Presentations

KASL Engineering was selected as the consultant in April 2012. Green Valley Engineering was subcontracted for the public outreach effort, and Cliff Zimmerman was subcontracted for right of way research and land survey services. On June 8, 2012 a public workshop was held to solicit citizen input regarding the Chestnut Street Corridor. Results of the workshop were summarized in the staff report (PDF) presented to Council at a Special Meeting June 25th. The minutes from the June 25th Special Council Meeting (PDF) are available for review.

Council Decision

A follow-up presentation was made at the August 27, 2012 City Council meeting, and Council decided to proceed with Option A. The staff report (PDF) describes in detail all options considered by the City Council. The minutes from the August 27th Council Meeting (PDF) are available online, scroll to Agenda Item 5A to review the decision made.