Housing Resources

There are a number of housing resources available in and around Fort Bragg to assist residents in finding and keeping suitable and affordable housing.

COVID-19 Utility Assistance Program

Residents living within the city limits of Fort Bragg with low or moderate income may qualify for some assistance in paying their monthly utility bills if their household income has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This Program is funded by a Coronavirus Response Community Development Black Grant which was approved by the City Council late last year. The Program can provide up to $500 of assistance to eligible households residing within the Fort Bragg city limits. Qualified applicants can self-certify as to their monthly income, and once approved, the City will make selected utility payments directly to Utility Providers. For further information, click on COVID Utility Assist Program link.

Housing Rehabilitation Loan Funds

The City periodically receives grant funding that can be loaned to income-qualified homeowners for health and safety improvements and code-related improvements to Fort Bragg homes. Funding may be available from the State Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Housing Rehabilitation Program or the state HOME Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program. Click on the Housing Rehabilitation Loans link for more information about these programs.

Home-Ownership Assistance Funds

The state CDBG and HOME departments offer competitive grants to cities and counties to lend out to income-qualified home buyers . The City does not currently have funding for this purpose. Funding may be available from Mendocino County. Click on the Home-Ownership Assistance link for more information about program availability.

County Housing Authority

Click on the County Housing Authority link to learn about housing resources including subsidized rental housing, Housing Choice (formerly Section 8) vouchers, and other housing assistance offered by the Community Development Commission of Mendocino County.

Other Housing Resources

Click on the Other Housing Resources link to learn about other affordable housing programs and providers available in our area.

Home Energy Assistance Programs

Find information about specific home energy assistance programs such as HELP and HEAP as well as energy assistance providers at the Home Energy Assistance Programs link.

Preapproved Accessory Dwelling Unit Designs and Building Plans

Find information on how to obtain the second unit design plans and the requirements to begin the permitting process.