Mill Site Specific Plan

The Mill Site Specific Plan will guide all new development in the approximately 320-acre Mill Site, located just west of downtown Fort Bragg. The Specific Plan guides development by rezoning the site and includes detailed policies, design guidelines, and development standards for the site. New development projects would be required to follow the zoning, policies, programs, and guidelines set forth in the Specific Plan.

The Mill Site Specific Plan Process includes four Key Components:

  • Implementation of the Mill Site Specific Plan and related land use entitlements including the Master Tentative Map and Development Agreement
  • Approval and implementation of the Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) for the Mill Site
  • Approval of water rights change petitions for both Georgia-Pacific and City of Fort Bragg water rights
The project will require an Environmental Impact Report which will analyze the following key components: 
1. Adoption of a Mill Site Specific Plan and a Local Coastal Plan (LCP) Amendment (Coastal General Plan, Coastal Land Use and Development Code and Zoning Map);
2. Approval of a master tentative map, and a Development Agreement; and
3. Water rights change petitions. 

In 2012 Georgia-Pacific, the owner of the Mill Site, withdrew their application in order to focus their attention on the remediation of the Mill Site. The City may proceed with the processing of the Specific Plan, once funding is identified to proceed.