City Beautiful

Clean Up Graffiti

Did you know that the city will reimburse you (up to $75) for supplies needed to remove graffiti? Complete a Graffiti Removal Voucher to be reimbursed for any of the following items: 
  • Custom matched paint
  • Paint brush
  • Drop cloth
  • Wet paint sign
  • Roller
  • Paint tray
  • Painter's tape
  • Equipment rental (pressure washer)
  • Paint remover or solvents
  • Sand paper or other scouring pads
  • Labor
Note: The location where the graffiti is to be removed must be inside city limits.

Call dispatch, at 707-964-0200, to report graffiti to the Police Department.


Vouchers with attached receipts may be turned in or mailed to the City Hall Finance Department, 416 North Franklin Street. Copies of receipts must be attached to the voucher in order to be reimbursed. A reimbursement check will be mailed to you. Please contact the Finance Department, at 707-961-2823, for more information.

Code Enforcement Requests

Report garbage, abandoned cars, shopping carts, appliances, overgrown weeds, extremely poorly maintained properties, blocked sidewalks, and other nuisance or similar issues in city limits by using our online Citizen Request Tracker or by emailing the City Code Enforcement Officer.

You can also download a Code Enforcement Investigation form, and send it to the Code Enforcement Officer at City Hall, 416 North Franklin Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437, or by fax: 707-961-2802. The Code Enforcement Investigation form is also available in Spanish (Solicitud de Investigación de la Aplicación del Código).