General Plan & Zoning Information

  1. Citywide Design Guidelines

    The Design Guidelines are utilized by the Planning Commission when approving Design Review Permits. Look at these if your project requires a Design Review Permit.

  2. Coastal General Plan

    The Coastal General Plan regulates new development within the Coastal Zone in the City of Fort Bragg.

  3. Coastal Land Use & Development Code

    For zoning regulations for development in the Coastal Zone.

  4. Inland General Plan

    The City's Inland General Plan regulated development in the inland portion of the City.

  5. Inland Land Use & Development Code

    Zoning regulations for development in the inland area of the City (non coastal).

  6. Local Coastal Program

    Find information regarding the city's Local Coastal Program.

  7. Zoning Map

    The zoning map for the city of Fort Bragg. Find your property's zoning.

  8. Housing Element (2014)

    The City is updating its Housing Element which governs the regulatory environment for the production of new housing for a range of income levels and special needs.