Special Event Insurance

Special Event Insurance is provided by Gales Creek. Please visit their website to apply for special event insurance.

Application Process

New / Returning User Log In

New users will Create a New Account, returning users will Log In. Once an account is created, users will enter their email address and password, and Log In.

Create New Quote

Once in your account, you will need to Create a New Quote. Users are asked a series of questions relating to their event, including the total number of additional insureds they will require. The system will bring the user to a Summary Screen, where they can review their event details and agree to Terms of the policy, after which they are given the option to View Quote. The quote highlights the policy coverages and price, and gives the user the option to Download Quote or Purchase Certificate.

If you choose to Download Quote, a pdf is made available with full coverage highlights and price. This document can be saved, printed, or faxed, depending on the user's needs and abilities. Then the user can close the pdf, go back to their account, and select Purchase Certificate.

The user can log out at any time, and return at a later date to purchase their certificate. To do this they simply enter the Gales Creek website again, Log In, and their quote is waiting in their personal account. They will have an Icon next to their Quote, giving them the option to update their quote, view their quote, or Purchase their certificate.

Purchase Certificate

Once Purchase Certificate is chosen, the system will have Pre-Filled information for the additional insured. This is the City information for the location of the event. If the user indicated more than one additional insured is needed, this screen will then allow the user to fill in additional insured 2, 3, and so on.

The system then prompts the user to Verify certificate details. If satisfied, the user then enters their Credit Card Information, and is brought to the Download Certificate(s) icon. User clicks the pdf icon, and their certificate pops up in a pdf screen. Again, users can print, save to computer, or fax this document, depending on their abilities and needs. The user is finished, and the administrator contact at the City is sent an email with a copy of the certificate and the endorsement form.