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Stormwater Hotline: 1-877-NCSC001 (1-877-627-2001)

To report an activity/incident involving pollution (oil, wastewater, litter, sediment, or any unknown material) entering the gutter or storm drain inlet, please call the hotline ASAP and be ready to provide your contact information, date of the incident/activity, address or location of the activity, and a description of the pollution activity you are reporting.

Timely reliable information is necessary to predict the timing and location where dumped materials will re-emerge which provides an opportunity to apprehend the materials (and/or suspects) and thereby minimize the extent to which pollution of the storm drain inlets affects aquatic ecosystems in Pudding Creek, Noyo River, coastal wetlands, and the Pacific Ocean.

Mission Statement

Provide, operate and maintain essential public infrastructure facilities and services for the community to make everyday life as safe and convenient as possible.

Strategic Priorities

The Public Works Department consists of six divisions - Administration/Engineering, Parks and Facilities, Corporation Yard/Motor Pool, Street Maintenance, and Water Enterprise and Wastewater Enterprise. Our basic services include surveying, mapping, drafting, park and City-owned facility maintenance, street maintenance and repair, traffic signage, water intake, treatment and distribution, and wastewater collection, treatment and discharge.