City of Fort Bragg, Ca. - 2013 City Notes

The City Manager's bi-weekly reports summarize activities and events going on in Fort Bragg. Find out about upcoming community workshops, latest developments at the Mill Site, how City projects are progressing, grants, etc. You can read "City Notes" in the Fort Bragg Advocate News, or by following the links below.

City Notes - December 19, 2013
It Takes a Village; City Receives "Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting; Phase 2 of the Plastic Bag Ban; City Awarded $1.485 Million Transportation Grant; $750,000 for Chestnut Street Multi-Use Trail; City Surrounded by a Park; New Public Works Director Tom Varga.

City Notes - December 5, 2013
Farewell to Public Works Director Dave Goble

City Notes - November 21, 2013
City Hopes to Purchase MCRPD's Regional Park Property on Highway 20; New C.V. Starr Center Director Starts Work on Monday; C.V. Starr Center Update; C.V. Starr Center Gymnasium; Highway 20 Transfer Station; Sales Tax to Fund Improved Emergency Medical Services?

City Notes - November 7, 2013
City Council Lowers Water Rates for Small Commercial Accounts; Economic Development Strategy Update; Final Phase of Plastic Bag Ban; Police Department Prepares for Operation Blue Santa; City Updating Website and Implementing Paperless Agenda Packets; Main Street Merge Lane Relocation; City Jobs.

City Notes - October 17, 2013
Fort Bragg Receives Grant from State Coastal Conservancy for Noyo Center Project; Economic Development Strategy Update; City Dialogue - Main Street Merge Lane Relocation; C.V. Starr Center Director Interviews; City Implementing "Paperless" Agenda Packets; City Jobs.

City Notes - October 3, 2013
Main Street Merge Lane Relocation Project; Sales Tax Receipts; Second Unit Amnesty Program; City Updating Its Economic Development Strategy; Disposing of Unwanted Prescription Drugs; Noyo Center Site Restoration Project; Parlin Forks Crews Helping Out All Over Town; Dollar Tree Application Heads to Planning Commission.

City Notes - September 19, 2013
Main Street Merge Lane Relocation Project; Biomass Working Group; Polystyrene Foam Ordinance; Ocean Forum; Banners on Main Street?; Guest House Museum Master Plan; Update on Street Projects; City Recruitment Update.

City Notes - September 5, 2013
City Dialogue 2013; Streets Update; Blue Whale News; Public, Education & Government (PEG) TV; Johnson Property Acquisition; Public Works Director Recruitment Underway.

City Notes - August 15, 2013
Vote on Measure H; Please Conserve Water; Celebrate Safe Communities Event at Bainbridge Park; Fort Bragg Street Improvement Project Underway; Update on City Job Recruitments; Fort Bragg Coastal Trail Project Moving Ahead; Georgia-Pacific v. OfficeMax Litigation; Community Meeting on Mill Site Remediation; City Website Redesign; Pampas Grass Eradication.

City Notes - August 1, 2013
Measure H; Public Access, Education, Government (PEG) Channels; National Night Out; Noyo Center Coordinator; Public Works Summer Projects List; Fireworks; Wayfinding Signage Workshop; Please Conserve Water!

City Notes - July 18, 2013
Volunteer Appreciation Reception, Measure H - Street Sales Tax Extension, Update on 2013 Street Repair and Resurfacing Projects, PTAF Dispute with County, City Council Strategic Planning Retreat, Coastal Trail Update, National Night Out.

City Notes - July 4, 2013
City Council Adopts Balanced Budget.

City Notes - June 6, 2013
Blue Whale Skeleton, C.V. Starr Center Memberships Continue to Rise, PG&E Grant for Fireworks, Enforcement of Tobacco Retailers Ordinance, Noyo River Water Levels, City Implements Public Access Defibrillation Program.

City Notes - May 16, 2013
Upcoming Water and Wastewater Projects.

City Notes - May 2, 2013
Appreciation for City Employees, Water & Wastewater, Public Works Crew, Police Department, City Hall.

City Notes - April 4, 2013
Special Sales Tax for Street Repairs. Georgia Pacific Demolition Project. Blue Whale Skeleton. City Dialogue 2013. CV Starr Community Center Fee Schedule Changes Effective May 1st. Mark You Calendars.

City Notes - March 21, 2013
Big Changes in the City's Public Works Department. C.V. Starr Center Mid-Year Budget Session. Noyo River Flows. Residential Bulky Waste Pick-Up. City/County Property Swap.

City Notes - March 7, 2013
City's 2012/13 Mid-Year Budget Review Shows Fiscal Strength.

City Notes - February 21, 2013
Busy Summer Schedule for Fort Bragg Street Repairs.

City Notes - February 7, 2013
Sneak Preview of C.V. Starr Community Center Mid-Year Report.

City Notes - January 17, 2013
Happy New Year! Wastewater Treatment Plant. Raw Water Transmission Line. Utility Rate Study. Street Improvement Projects. Main Street Realignment Project. Extension of 1/2 cent Street Repair Sales Tax. Coastal Trail Project. Summers Lane Reservoir.