Available Commercial Space

Finding the right spot to open or relocate your business can be tricky. Some parts of Fort Bragg are in the California Coastal Zone, making the city unique in that it has two General Plans and two zoning codes. Different zoning districts allow different business types, and water and sewer particulars can be parcel specific. The City of Fort Bragg has developed Commercial Property Guides for commercially-zoned properties that are available for either sale or lease in order to simplify some of the research required to understand the policies relating to individual locations. The guides provide an overview of the business types that are permitted at each available location, and specific information on water and sewer connections, parking and fire sprinkler status. Review the guides below and see which are best for your business.

Note: The City is encouraging local real estate and property management groups to participate in the Commercial Property Guides. The City strives to provide information on as many available parcels as possible, but this is unfortunately not an exhaustive list of all opportunities. If you have a commercial property for sale or lease in Fort Bragg, complete and submit this form to have your location added.

  • 120 South Franklin Street (Central Business District zoning)
  • 517 and 525 South Franklin Street (General Commercial zoning)