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General Sales Tax
Measure H

On July 11, 2018, the Fort Bragg City Council adopted Resolution 4112-2018 which rescinded Resolution No. 4107-2018 and submitted to the voters of Fort Bragg a replacement local ballot measure adopting three-eighths of a cent general transactions and use tax (sales tax). The replacement measure is a general purpose sales tax, whereas the original ballot measure was for a special purpose sales tax. On October 22, 2018, the Council unanimously adopted Resolution 4129-2018 endorsing Measure H. Further information and pertinent documents on Measure H are listed below. 

Resolution 4129-2018

Complete Text of Measure H Ordinance

Argument in Favor of Measure H (PDF)

Proposed Ordinance (PDF)

Resolution 4112-2018 (PDF)

7-11-18 Staff Report on Sales Tax Measure (PDF)

Notice to Voters re Sales Tax Measure Arguments 7-12-18 (PDF)

CalPERS UAL Presentation (PDF)

Resolution 4107-2018 (PDF)

6-25-18 Staff Report on Sales Tax Measure (PDF)