Bainbridge Park

As part of the City Council’s February 9, 2015 adoption of program guidelines for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Microenterprise General Support Services, the Bainbridge Park Enhancement Project was identified for funding as a Supplemental Activity using CDBG funds. If the City CDBG Program Income revenues are collected as scheduled, approximately $75,000 of funding is anticipated to be available by late 2016. City Council asked that Staff work with the community to define a plan for park improvements, focusing on the west side of the park, to enhance the “family friendly” environment at Bainbridge Park.
 The City held a Community Workshop on November 17, 2015, to get input from the community for the Bainbridge Park Master Plan. Participants at the workshop supported development of a new multi-use pavilion, petanque courts, volleyball courts, picnic tables, benches, signage, fencing and public art to the park. At a special City Council meeting on Wednesday, December 16 at 6:00 PM. in Fort Bragg at Town Hall, City Council will review and discuss two park plan alternatives that incorporate these and other potential park improvements, and will provide direction to staff for the Bainbridge Park Master Plan.